Lakeside Spa

Hulala Lakeside Lodge recently opened our very own Spa on site for all our guests and local residents.

At our Lakeside Spa, all woman are treated like goddesses and the men like kings.  We specialize in holistic wellness, de-stressing, pamper therapy, massage therapy and want to wrap each and every client of ours in joy. The lovely new space at Hulala Lakeside Lodge boasts a cozy 2-Seater Pedicure Station, and 2 airy Therapy Cubicles.

Lakeside Spa has a menu that will appeal to all needs, making use of the South African Product Ranges TheraVine and TheraNaka, and ensure pampering skin health with African spoils.   So whether you want pink toe nails, a deep tissue massage or a revitalizing facial, if it makes you feel gorgeous, relaxed, revitalized or warm & fuzzy we probably have an offering for you…

The Lakeside Spa is proud to be associated with only Natural, Botanical, and Organic Products for Health, Beauty & Wellness, With NO Cruelty to Animals or our environment.

Call our reception on 013 764 1893

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